How it Works

Our goal is to provide an affordable, convenient way for people to discover new books and rediscover old favorites.

Choose a Plan

Select how many books, 1, 2, or 4, you would like in your subscription.  Keep in mind that you can change your quantity before each renewal to fit your reading needs. 

Select a Genre

Choose your favorite genres to tailor your subscription to your taste.  When we curate your order, we will randomly select books for a fun surprise every month.

Enjoy Your Books

We hope you love your selections and look forward to your next shipment.  Take a photo and shout us out with #librarylounge256.


Save the Environment—

Buy Used Books

The Library Lounge is a subscription service that makes it easy and affordable for you to stock your own personal library. They believe in preserving great books by keeping them in circulation, so we offer monthly subscriptions with low prices designed around any budget!

Give the Gift of Reading! 

Purchase a used book subscription box for someone you love or for yourself. This is our way of giving back by letting readers discover new authors, genres or classics.